Refreshed Eyes With Oraaine

Refreshed Eyes With Oraaine

Revitalized Eyes in Just 6 Minutes!

Oraaine eye massager wand, which utilizes cutting-edge high-frequency and microcurrent technology to refresh and enhance the beauty of your delicate eye skin.With its skin-friendly, anti-allergic gold-plated introduction heads and hot and cold massage functions, this unique eye massager is sure to capture your heart. For optimal results, pair this anti-aging eye massager with your go-to skincare products to deeply nourish your skin from the surface to the depths, stimulating collagen production, firming the eye area, alleviating eye fatigue and puffiness, and diminishing dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags, and more. We're here to assist you in achieving a smoother appearance, creating space for more joy. Our innovative eye massaging device is non-invasive, efficient, and meticulously hygienic. Say goodbye to under-eye bags, dark circles, and crow's feet, as our device provides an instant refresh. Discover the rejuvenating power of Oraaine and experience refreshed eyes like never before!

 How To Use Oraaine Eye Massager
  1. Cleanse Your Face: Before using the eye massager, ensure that your face is clean and free from any makeup or skincare products. Use a gentle cleanser and pat dry your face.

  2. Power On: Turn on the eye massager using the power button. Please make sure it is adequately charged.

  3. Adjust Settings: Our eye massagers offer adjustable settings for intensity, heat, vibration, and massage modes. Select your desired settings based on your preferences.

  4. Apply Eye Cream or Serum: Apply a small amount of eye cream or serum around the eye area. This can help enhance the effectiveness of the massage and improve absorption of the product.

  5. Positioning: Gently place the eye massager on your eye area, ensuring that the conductive parts of the massager are in contact with your skin. The massager should comfortably rest on your temples or around the eye sockets.

  6. Start the Massage: Activate the massage function on your eye massager. Allow the massager to work its magic, typically for a few minutes at a time.

  7. Power Off and Clean: Once you've completed your desired massage session, turn off the eye massager and gently clean the device. 

Remember, it's important to use eye massagers as directed and avoid using them on broken or irritated skin. If you have any specific concerns or conditions, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before using an eye massager.